Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lent 12

O God, my God, be present in my tears.
I am poured out like water, my heart is like wax.

I pray for the place of hurt:
-- the joint that shoots pain through the body
-- the word that undermines trust & love
-- the job loss that replaces breath with panic
-- the growl of lions that is hunger in the stomachs of children
-- the addiction that devours life & family

O God, my God, do not be too far away to hear.
O my help, come quickly when I groan.

I pray for the open wound:
-- the memory that haunts the veteran in nightmares
-- the distrust laid brick-by-brick until it is a wall
-- the emotional fatigue of a chronic physical ailment
-- the abyss of loneliness that swallows hope
-- the fear of the injustice that gloats to repress others

Deliver my life from the encircling army.
Rescue your people just as you saved our ancestors.

Give us a story to tell the generations to come
And we will stand in awe, saying the LORD has done it.

(based on Psalm 22)

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