Monday, March 23, 2009

Lent 23

Gideon felt dew on the fleece of wool.
Noah saw the bow of color arched in the sky.
Thomas touched the scars from the nails in Jesus' side.

We pray for signs.

The psalmist observed the deer at the stream.
Peter dreamed of animals, reptiles, birds lowered in a sheet.
Deep in Egypt, the Hebrews marked their doors with blood.

We pray for signs.

For Hezekiah's reassurance and healing, the shadows retreated.
A young woman bore a son for the hope of the people.
Daniel interpreted the handwriting on the wall.

How great are God's signs,
how mighty God's wonders.
The kingdom of the Most High God is an everlasting kingdom,
and God's sovereignty is from generation to generation.

We pray for signs to this generation, to this world,
for the sake of your holy reputation in these days.

(includes Daniel 4:3, adapted)

1 comment:

Greg Carey said...

Absolutely, we need signs these days. I'm waiting.