Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lament to the Savior

There is a disconnect--a chasm, it seems--
between the brilliant expanse of the sun-glittered ocean
stretching out to meet the blue sky
and the reckless, shocking abuse of authority
that ends a child's party with Tasers.

The abundant violets and pinks arrayed in the beauty of a hydrangea
are apparently worlds away
from the overwhelming scarcity of a woman
who can barely survive hour to hour,

let alone day to day.

It has been too long, dear Savior.
Your people cannot wait for the sweet by and by
to bring eternal satisfaction from hunger
or final justice from oppression.

God With Us, you are needed.


Tammy Bomboy said...

Did you write this Rachel? What a beautiful elegy. Your talents are ceaseless. I am in awe of you. :)

Ray Luber said...

Why would God would come now when we do next to nothing to help that child or that woman? At the least, the prophet commands US to "do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God." The majesty of creation stands as an indictment of our own inaction.