Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent 1 (Ash Wednesday)

O God, I am not one who gives up---
not in the face of a challenge,
rarely in the course of an argument,
not even for the ritual of Lent---
you have, after all, knit stubbornness firmly into
this creature of dust!

But this year, I am ready
(uncertain, perhaps, but ready)
to give up.

I would like to give up playing God:
would you please be God instead?

I'd like to throw off my self-important stress
and take myself less seriously for a change.
I think, if you will take on the task of being
In Control and Abundantly Loving and Life-Giving,
then I will quite enjoy rolling around
in the dust and ashes:
dressing with the carefree glamour of lilies,
eating simply with the delight of birds,
and savoring the earthiness that is

Being God is all yours, God;
I'm giving it up, I'm done!
Bless me with the grace and the mindfulness
to stick to this fast of mine,
and to relish---even feast upon---
my life of ashes.

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Rachel I visit you today as Steve Thorngate from CC Blogs has mentioned your name and my name as those contributing poetry today to Ash Wednesday. These blog networks are often so large we miss words of encouragement, fellowship, and worship from other writers. We have "to start" some place and I'm very glad that Steve's words took me here today to read your poetry - you've hit the nail on the head - let me join you in "rolling around in the the dust and ashes" - help me to be responsible for my own actions and not everyone else's - and my words.....let me stop figuring out what others should be doing rather than concentrating on my own fast!