Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lent 2

O God of symphonies and silence,

Fine-tune my ears to hear your harmonies woven between the drone of rushing cars along the highway and the subtle treble songs of birds hidden in the trees.

Fine-tune my soul to hear the major chords of eternal triumph swelling through the foundations of the earth and extending in brilliance through the rays of each sunrise to the mysteries of each constellation.

Fine-tune my heart to hear the dissonant triad of hunger, fear, and injury vibrating through hospitals and war zones and shelters and food pantries...and through the life experience of each person I meet.

Fine-tune my hands to pluck out the tune of a prayer amidst the daily cacophony, my voice to sing a note that is life-giving and not death-dealing, my spirit to beat out rhythms that energize me to dance with gladness.

Fine-tune me to resonate with you, O God of symphonies and silence.

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