Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lent 19

Keep me connected today, God With Us.

Connect me to the person on my left, the person on my right. Help me to authentically engage the person before me, to listen well and gently, to be fully present. Keep me connected in prayer and spirit to those who are out of sight: children and friends, colleagues and siblings, strangers even, so that I do not plow through the day as a solo driver.

Connect me to myself today: mind, body and soul. Help me give myself the grace to feel the fatigue and stress across my shoulders, the soreness of my feet...the mindfulness to feed the warm embers of spirit, the curiosities and ideas of mind...and the integrity to be a whole person in work, in play, in rest.

Connect me to the holy, to you. Let me not separate any moment from your presence or your activity. Help me to pray and sing and praise and lament through the course of the day: as I receive news, as world events unfold, as paths meet and diverge, as emotions rise and fall, as I walk and drive and listen and act and breathe.

Keep me connected today, God With Us.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Rachel. Connection and spiritual health is so needed today. David