Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lent 20

I sing for the church
who has lost her voice:

charities abandoning children
in the name of family values;

abuses overlooked and downplayed
for the sake of power and position;

pretty pews, well-manicured lawns,
the sterilization of the Kingdom of God;

arguments over abortion echoing through marble halls
while war rages and rape reigns and hatred festers;

yet on Sunday mornings, our praises remain undisturbed
within our decorated walls and sanctified spaces.

O God my God, tell me that this is not your Body,
that these ridiculous voices are not your Voice!

O Refining Spirit, wail like Mother Eve for her lost children:
the child too soon silenced and the child too quickly condemned!

O Table-throwing Christ, disturb your Church to sing a new song
of border crossing and demon healing and nation defying!

Like a lion roaring in hunger, open our mouths wide
to thunder against power and complacency!

Let holy rage feast upon the rage of death
until Life is the only song on our lips.

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