Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lent 24

You are a beautiful surprise!**

Waking in the morning, I sigh as I stretch, certain that the day cannot be as delicious as the restful warmth of my bed...and then I step outside to the delightfully crisp cool air of spring, to the sight of sunny pinks stretching against the deep blues of clouds on the eastern horizon.

You are a beautiful surprise!

Walking the day's paces, I glance over the deadened greens of grass that barely survived the winter, lacking signs of renewal...and my eye catches the fresh blue-greens of clustered daffodil shoots pressing upward from the cold ground.

You are a beautiful surprise!

My mind lingers over yesterday's conversations, interactions, exchanges, feeling disappointed as I expect yesterday's relationship dynamics to taint today's...yet here is a smile, there is a pleasantry and an unexpected kindness, in others and in myself, and I am confounded again by the miracle of interpersonal grace.

You are a beautiful surprise!

**"Beautiful Surprise" is a song title by India.Arie, on her album Voyage To India.

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