Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lent 30

Perhaps I have lied to myself about how much one person can do, how much one person is meant to do: striving forward as though my own spirit is strong enough, has self-contained vision enough, to create holiness each and every day.

So I repent of aspiring to be a god (or goddess, with flowing divine robes, killer looks, fearsome cunning, and prowess in archery...oh, I'd be a cool goddess!). I repent today, and I know that I will be repenting again tomorrow.

Let me strive not to be brilliant in multitasking, but deliberate in a single task: like the robin who does not try to inspire the sun's rising by single-handedly performing nature's full symphony, but simply sings her own triplets truly and repeatedly, content to be one voice.

Yes, let me be one bird, one voice, and faithfully so: in this day, in this work, in this life. To your glory, not my own.

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