Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

It would have been enough,
yes Lord!,
it would have been enough
for us to have the good news of God With Us
in your lessons, in your life, in your death.
But you determined that it was not enough...

...that although it was good for you to walk with us
through fear and death,
you knew that we could be freed of the fear of fear
and even the fear of death,
so that we could stop walking
and start running the race set before us;

...that although it was good for you to touch us and heal us,
you knew that if we were truly steeped
in the foundation of something
as impossible as resurrection,
then we would be empowered
to touch and heal others in our daily lives;

...that although it was good for you to feed us and welcome us
all to the same table,
you knew that if we would just lay down
our skepticism and doubt
then we could multiply bread and fish and juice
to feed crowds by the thousands.

So you gave us the good news of resurrection,
the assurance that nothing whatsoever
can separate us from the love and life and light of God!
You gave us this foundation --
a complete, holy, miraculous, mysterious, unbelievable
gift that gives us the freedom

to live boldly,
to live without fear,
to live fully and joyfully in a responsive "Amen!"
to your "Yes!" in Jesus Christ.
So let all of God's people say,

**from today's Easter sermon at Grace UCC, entitled "Amen!"

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