Monday, July 5, 2010

You are too beautiful

O Holy and Eternal Wonder,

How beautiful is the hem of your robe
watering the earth with beads of dew
as you stroll across creation at dawn!

How sweet is your perfume
borne by the gentle breeze
full of summer flowers and pine sap and morning hush!

How lovely is your kiss of greeting
to the trees whose spirits dance with praise,
even to the groundhog that pauses to stand in salute!

How glorious is the fog that subdues your glory
as you shine -- fiercely blazing with the rising sun --
full of delight and blessing and joy for the new day!

How surprising, how magnificent, is the whir of your wings
as you rush about like the robin to check on your young
and see to the daily sustenance of those you love!

O Most Divine, how enchanting and wonderful you are!

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