Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent . Week 1 . Thursday

The LORD is my healing and my strength,
who knows my body's aches and my soul's weariness
and revives me, even down to the very cells of my bones.

The LORD is my clarity and my every breath,
who centers and steadies the whirlwind of thoughts and tasks
and shows me the stillness and the moment.

Let my soul be filled with praise
until my tongue sings with love,
until my eyes smile with deep joy

for the body's cells and the burning stars are known by God
as are the rush of traffic and the path of a snowstorm.
Through all chaos and order, there is God.

Teach me priority and patience,
self-grace and expansive compassion; and
let me trust. And trust. And trust again

the LORD who is my healing,
my centering,
and my life.

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