Sunday, January 2, 2011

Psalm of a Wise Traveler

When I find the Source of the Light,
when at last I meet the Reason for the star's prophecy,
I will proclaim thus:

"You are magnificent and holy!
Never in my life have I beheld
such a powerful marvel!
My God and my Sovereign,
how could I live a lifetime
and not see Thee?

Now, here, as I consider the depth of your bright eyes,
I recall how the full moon at night
would peer into my soul.

And your radiant head (ah, beauty!)
brings to my mind
the brilliance of the sun on the water
sparkling crisply like a jewel,
too brilliant for staring.

I consider your smile -- I cannot miss it!
It is every smile that I have ever seen
on every face I have ever met
(and millions more, I know!).
Your smile is your people, all people,
full of the life and breath of God.

Shall I continue?

Your laughter is the joy of every creature:
I have seen it in the leap of the white tailed deer,
heard it in the chirping chorus of spring peepers,
awed at it in the flight of snow geese.

In my mind...
my God, I had no idea!
Every imaginative thought of you fell short
of this! This Wonder!
This -- You!
I am overwhelmed
and at peace."


Songbird said...

Rachel, I'm writing to welcome you to RevGalBlogPals! Please add our button to your sidebar, and I will add you to our blogroll. Happy blogging!

Mary Beth said...

Hello, Rachel, and welcome to RGBP! I'm excited that you have joined us...I love your writing...and so looking forward to reading your book!