Friday, March 25, 2011

Lent 15 (Isaiah 54:3)

Let the LORD be a tent in the place of devastation,
with endless canvas stretched out to create shade
and stakes firmly planted against quake and storm and flood.

Let the LORD be a shelter to the east and the west,
as far to the north and the south as there is need
so that all people can be gathered in safely.

May the LORD harvest from the bounty of earth's fields
to feed the hungry, and from the talents of helping hands
to bind up the wounded and to soothe the dying.

May the LORD step out from the tent to rage against
the wealthy and the self-sufficient who have fenced their own tents,
who turn away those in need, saying "The LORD will provide."

Let the LORD be a tent in the place of devastation
quickly assembled and always mobile
so that all who cry "Sanctuary!" may find you near.

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