Friday, March 11, 2011

Lent 3

The whole earth trembles; O my God,
how the whole earth trembles!
Mountains of cityscape slip into the sea
and the waters rise to consume them.
Waves of people panicked amidst waves of storm,
while Leviathan dances in the depths
with the vibrations of the tumultuous tides,
and the dragon hiding near earth's core marvels
to watch ancient cornerstones quake.
O my God, my God!
You who are Sovereign over this dusty home of ours,
help us through this time of shifts and trembling.
The erupting platonic crust is not the only earthquake
in our lives; all around us, people are fleeing before
the swell of an interconnected world in fear of
the ever-nearing proximity of the Other.
The whole earth is trembling, O my God,
with the dawning understanding that
Japan is Hawai'i and Hawai'i is Guam,
Guam is California, California is Chile, and
all of the boundaries of their nations are false.
Ah, the trembling of the rocks may be, in fact, very little
compared to the quaking of our identities and perceptions,
for this generation of leaders and populace alike
is behaving like every other generation in our forgetfulness
of interconnectedness: Haiti and Libya and Iraq and Egypt,
Wisconsin to Mexico, Ivory Coast to Washington, DC;
how a child raped in Texas has a mother weeping in Palestine,
and a lie told on Capital Hill undermines a family in Cherry Hill.
The whole earth is trembling. My God, how it is trembling!
And still we haven't learned . . .

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