Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lent 7

I especially love you in spring,
Beautiful Holy One,
for the ways in which you delight my senses
and reinvigorate my soul.
And I laugh as I suspect that you have set me up
to love you more deeply
with this season;
it is a lover's poem in itself:
birds singing and chatting without care,
squirrels chasing and playing and lovemaking,
bouquets of flowers newly bloomed,
the early dawn gently waking me from sleep.
Ah yes, you have set me up
like a suave lover,
and it is working!
My heart wants to race
and leap and dance and
get excited
with love for you;
my soul takes in the season
like it is a glass of champagne;
I feel vibrant with Life and flushed with Love.
Delight in drawing me out,
Sweetly Loving Spirit,
and I will add my love song to spring's passionate chorus.

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