Friday, March 18, 2011

Lent 9

Still speaking God, your voice is all around me like a symphony!
Today I celebrate the sounds of your voice emanating from the kitchen:
pleasantly chattering over the task of feeding family & friends;
running water and clinking dishes to clean what is needed;
matter-of-factly whishing and popping open a new garbage bag
for sorting the waste from the reusable;
creaking floorboards bending under busy footsteps --
sink to cutting board to oven, Japan to Mexico to Sudan;
schk-schk-schk-ing to cut fresh vegetables into a medley of
roots & fruits & vines & seeds in a single, plentiful salad;
squeaking with the stretching and compressing of a kitchen door spring,
bringing more people in, sending people out loved and fed,
always bringing more people in.
This is perhaps my favorite tone of voice to hear from you, O God!

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