Friday, April 1, 2011

Lent 21 (on Isaiah 35)

The crocuses shall bloom and the snow melt away;
understanding will thrive and violence will find its end.
The bombarded land will become an oasis, and
the growth of cedars will break the marbled hallways of power.
The women will dance to have freedom of their own bodies;
they shall tell stories of the day when war against them ceased.
Workers will leap like deer, no longer bearing the burdens
of corporations or of middle-class-striving on their backs.
Where the earth's oil has spilled like blood across sand and sea,
the oceans will again dance with creatures great and small.
Like a stream rejuvenating a dry and desperate wilderness,
the LORD will flow abundantly with grace among peoples.
Say to those whose lives are compromised until that day,
"Be strong, do not fear. The LORD will come with a vengeance."

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Daniel said...

Oh wow...this is great, :)