Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lent 36

Dear Jesus, you are full of contradictions that sometimes help but many times surprise me: saying "Peace, peace" but throwing a fit; giving sight to the blind but telling the sighted to find their own way; lending a hand to pull fish into a boat, but showing up empty-handed to a picnic for 5000, and then later saying "Eat my flesh"; you healed so many sick but missed the funeral of your best friend (I wonder if he forgave you for that after you unwrapped his grave clothes...); you railed against those who neglected the poor but you accepted a gift of expensive perfume; you claimed divinity (sometimes) but got dirty and rode a pack mule and broke religious rules. You manage to be seriously confusing, Jesus -- then and now -- so I pray in this holy week for the patience to find the Holy in the inexplicable...and the Inexplicable in the holy.

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