Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It's exciting (and humbling, and still surprising) to hear about and to read news of how people's prayer lives are being shaped and encouraged by WRITING TO GOD. Here's a snippet from a Lutheran pastor in Minnesota, a recommendation of the book as a Lenten study from a York PA bookseller, a blogged prayer from a Presbyterian minister in Washington, a note on spiritual disciplines from a fellow RevGalBlogPals blogger in Canada, a facebook page for prayer-writers, a congregation in Ontario writing prayers online together, and Amazon just started offering the book on Kindle! Really stunning and wonderful that the book is creating so many spaces for creative prayer!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the book Rachel! I found it through Paraclete Press almost as soon as it came out and ordered for my personal Lenten journey. I also shared it with a girlfriend who leads a Bible study in her church (Kingwood Christian Church (DoC) in Kingwood, TX) and she invited the whole church to join in. They have a weekly dinner and then gather for discussion and sharing the prayers they have written from the book.

I'm a displaced pastor and needed something to help me refocus my walk and have been grateful to be walking with you this season. Thank you!

Rachel Hackenberg said...

Thank you for your kind words, femystic! And what a pleasure to read your latest blog post on despair & hope. If WRITING TO GOD somehow recalled a story of Anne of Green Gables for you, I'm especially touched...I love L. M. Montgomery! :)

Blessings for these days of your journey.