Friday, February 3, 2012

Isaiah 40:18

To whom will you liken God?
To what shall God be compared?

The tree that dizzies me as I stare up
into its outstretched maze of branches
has nothing on your height, O God,
nor can it astound me as you do.

The horizon burning at sunset smarts my eyes,
its melting colors make my heart sing, and yet
it pales in comparison to your brilliant beauty
and cannot elicit the praise of mountains.

The inchworm, though it measures a daffodil's stem meticulously,
does not know the season or dance of the flower as you do;
no one can begin to understand the breadth of your wisdom
or comprehend your knowledge of life's intricacies.

Even the hidden sea creature lurking in the ocean's depths
cannot compare to the mystery of the One Holy Engineer
of pulling tides and blinking stars and soaring eagles.
There is nothing like you in all of creation!

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