Monday, March 12, 2012

Lent 17

< scratch >
A match flares in the night;
the Holy One stirs from sleep.

< hiss >
The flame touches paper, spreads
like a quick and divine temper.

< snap >
A dry log catches, the fire climbs.
"Who is starving my children?"

< whoosh >
The heat intensifies, rage ignites.
"Who has refused them sanctuary?"

< roar >
"Why are the downtrodden
thrown again under the bus?

"Who has coopted my good name
and leveraged it for power?

"Oh, that compassion's quiet embodiment
would resound louder than
hollow citations of scripture!

"Let those idolized Bibles be damned and
consumed by my fire,
and let the people be lost
until they learn
my grace incarnate!"

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