Friday, June 1, 2012

Hold On

When all else fails you, hold on to a song:
one that stirs your soul and pulls you with it
on a high soaring ride.

If it is life that is failing you and death draws near,
hold on to the wind: remember that the unknown
is the movement of life.

If it is love that fails you, as love does,
hold on to a flower: see how its true beauty
is revealed in blessing the work of bees.

If it is the mind that fails you,
hold on to a toddler's hand
and discover the world again.

If the body lets you down,
hold on to the water:
see how God is revealed in all its forms.

If it is friendship that fails you and brings you grief,
hold on to the sand: know that ancient creatures of earth
have outlasted the tides to bring joy to children.

If it is time that fails you, hold on to your path:
you have only the Where and the When
of the Present; God meets you there.

But again, dear friends: when all else fails you,
hold on to a song that sings you to heaven
and do not be afraid.


Anonymous said...

I love this poem you've written. I hope you are okay with me quoting it in my sermon this coming Sunday. I am preaching from the text from 2nd Corinthians 4:13-5:1.
Your blog is quite wonderful, and I look forward to following it.
Blessings on your life and ministry,
Mark Richardson
Santa Maria, California

Rachel Hackenberg said...


If this poem resonates with your upcoming sermon, I'm honored that you would use it.

Blessings on your ministry as well,