Friday, September 28, 2012


I stretch my arms wide -- wider still, opening my spine --
feel my feet reaching their roots into the rocky ground beneath,
breathe in the mountain air on the edge of this upstate New York valley,
and invite the spectacle to embrace me with its demonstration of holy life.
If its beauty was a wave, I would be drenched right now -- joyfully soaked!
When I turn away from the gift of this panorama, back to my daily living,
O Resplendent God, keep my heart wide-eyed in deep appreciation of
the breadth and depth and diversity of your essence in creation.
Surely your goodness extends beyond what my eyes can see,
is more than what my soul can begin to comprehend!
O Holy Expanse, expand me by your sheer glory!


Anonymous said...

Loved this one.

So I really stink at "prompt writing", be it prayers, or poems, or stories - or college papers (drove my college professors nuts). But the prompts at least make me think and each line I write has a prayer attached to it that never makes it on the paper (or screen, as the case may be). But thank you for the inspiration even though I never actually do write to your weekly prompts.

Rachel Hackenberg said...

Thanks....and I understand! Sometimes a writing prompt doesn't get our pens moving (or fingers typing), but if these prayer prompts at least cause us to pause and be mindful of Holiness in life, then we've prayed! :)